A Manual to Release Unwanted Energies
Comprehensive, step-by-step information on the process of Spiritual Clearing.
Arriving at a critical point in the development of a mass collective evolution of consciousness, we learn how to clear our spaces, and those of others, of disharmonious and negative energy and how to sustain a practice that allows the clearing, and our evolution, to endure.
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“People call me because they're stuck, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially.  We are constantly being bombarded with many types of discordant energies on a daily basis, so each personal clearing is similar to peeling one layer off an onion.”

Archangel Clearings teaches you how to do clearings for other people
Earth Release provides remote Spiritual Clearings for people, dwellings, businesses, animals, and properties worldwide. These Energy Clearings, like Feng Shui, can remove negative, imbalanced, or stagnated energies in any location. All Spiritual Clearings are preformed from a distance (remotely), so Earth Release does not need to be physically present during the Clearing process.

What is a Remote Spiritual Clearing?

The Spiritual Clearing process is a very specific and detailed channeled procedure of releasing negative or unwanted energy with the assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters, evoked through ancient mantras and prayers.

A Spiritual Clearing is not a panacea. Each Personal Clearing is similar to peeling one layer off an onion. Since we are constantly being bombarded with many types of discordant energies on a daily basis, it is best to schedule a Spiritual Clearing periodically throughout the year.

The comprehensive Spiritual Clearing process takes approximately two plus hours to remove negative energies from the body, mind, and spirit and physical contact with the client is not required during this time. Afterward, a follow up report is sent regarding the types of energies that were released during the Spiritual Clearing process. Earth Release identifies, and releases, various types of negative energies, but usually does not know the source of such energies or how long they have been present.

Distant Spiritual Clearings are possible because energy and spirit are not limited by time and space. Just as energy frequencies like, electricity, radar, cell phones, emails, and radio waves send out signals from one location to another, so can healing energies be sent long distance. Through intention, an electric stimulus can be conveyed to a person, place, or animal in another location that will result in a positive energy shift. This is the same process that allows prayer to be effective and transformation to occur.

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