What People are Saying About ANIMAL Spiritual Clearings

Since the Spiritual Clearing, our horse is doing a whole lot better and is much calmer.   D.H. of WI
My new rescue dog is much calmer since the Spiritual Clearing and now sleeps in my bedroom.   B.B. of NJ
A race horse that had never won a race, won his first race after the horse, the jockey, and the facility were Cleared of substantial negative energies. FL

My dog no longer is exhibiting all the negative behaviors he had before the Spiritual Clearing.   B.B. of NJ

My animals seem really happy now and the new little pig that I got went from straight up wild to my boys sleeping with her in 2 days after the Spiritual Clearing was done. Thank you so much!!   C.Y. of CO
Thank you for the Spiritual Clearing of my Chihuahua! He is no longer nervous and has stopped chewing on his paws.   S .K. of FL
Thank you SOOO much. We have had some positive moment on our dog’s behavior. His energy has been really good and he is actually wanting to eat his usual treats and ice cubes again!   J.B. of IL

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