What People are Saying About BUSINESS Spiritual Clearings

The day after the Spiritual Clearing, a section on the first floor, which used to contain cubicles, was totally cleared out. When I asked why it had been cleared out, I was told that it was in order for the light to come in this area, and eventually another department would move there. I feel less overall spiritual distractions. A change is occurring also where they are now finally hiring new people. Thanks for doing the Clearing!   S.F. of NM
The past year or so I haven’t been myself. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. When I would go to do my work/sewing I felt lazy, and not inspired to sew with love and passion like I used to. I was feeling frustrated with my business, but kept pursuing and kept praying to God and my angels to help me. Then I contacted you to do a Spiritual Clearing for me and my home business. Well, I can’t begin to tell you the changes in our home and in my business and my well-being. I noticed a SHIFT immediately. The day after you Cleared everything, two customers that were kind of on the fence about hiring me, emailed me to tell me that their checks were in the mail! I have been in my swing room ever since the Spiritual Clearings working like a busy beaver doing what I so love to do, My space is cleared and the money is flowing easily and effortlessly to my sewing business. M.O. of IL

Well, it has certainly been breaking our way at the Company the last couple of weeks. We have had two customers who had been “stuck” in contract land, suddenly get active. One signed and the other is very close. Secondly, we had a potential gigantic customer suddenly commit to a Pilot with us. I certainly think that the Business Clearing has unblocked the flow and with that, it will flow to our personal side. Thank you so much for your help as I believe it was the key to clear old baggage and allow the full potential to unfold.   W.W. of CO
Since the Spiritual Clearing, my business has had a steady stream of clients. I have noticed a personal lightening—my burdens are no longer so heavy that my shoulders ache all the time. My friends have noticed this too. Some of them say that I now “glow”.  L.A. of FL
Thank you for the Spiritual Clearing for my favorite restaurant! It has always been a very special, popular place that makes all of us who go there feel better. Because it is so special, it also seems to attract those who are in need of comfort and clearing. Sometimes it can be too much, even for the light hearts that work there, and so, negative energy can build up. After you cleared the restaurant, I noticed a lightness again in the people who work and go there. I experienced these changes both of the times that I asked you to clear it for us. Thank you so much for providing this special service for us! So many other customers are feeling the lightness too. I know that they would join me in sending our combined gratitude. S.K. of WI
After a year on the market, my business went into escrow a month after the Spiritual Clearing you did. It will be closing next Wednesday. Thank you so much!   M.C. of AZ
Thank you for doing the Spiritual Clearing for my Lodge. Shortly after the Clearing, three problem employees unexpectedly resigned and I was a bit in shock. However, soon some former employees returned and all the drama is gone. The back office feels amazing! Thank you.  B.L. of AK
I would like to let you know that since the Spiritual Clearing ritual for my business, there has been greater transparency, so much so that my former hunches about some of our employees came to light as true and even worse than my hunches. A couple of old trusted staff who had left have quite happily come back, as well. There is also more light around us that is being shed on erroneous information and conclusions from others.  R.R. of India
Many Thanks for the Spiritual Clearing! Yesterday I felt that a burden lifted. I am aware of more light around the business. Previously, it felt so heavy that I had trouble taking action to do even the basics for the operation of the business, let alone the products.  L.B. of CA
As to cash flow, the blockage (s) seem to have eased in that several projects that have been on simmer for a long time, and seemingly going nowhere, have shown signs of twitching back to life, I did feel an energy shift. I am holding the good thought, hope and prayer that you’ve pierced through whatever was so obstructive.   P.K. of CA

Thank you for the Spiritual Clearing of the Nursing Home! Since the Clearing we have noticed a significant improvement in staff. And patient morale and a reduction in staff absenteeism. The entire facility seems noticeably “lighter”. We have actually had people volunteering for additional work when before they wanted to leave as soon as possible. Thank you from Administrative and Nursing staff for a job well done!   D.S. of SC

I wanted to thank you for the Spiritual Clearing of my business! There are no more noises at the business site and it looks like we will now move to another property this year and rent the property you cleared. This will create additional income for us and help grow the business as we move into a larger, more adequate property.  H.F. CR
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