What People are Saying About Home & Property Spiritual Clearings

Thank you so much for the Spiritual Clearing. Our daughter and her family are doing much better. She no longer feels the presence and the other effects on her husband and kids have lifted. We really appreciate the help because it has been brewing for the two months that they have lived in the house, but over the last three weeks it escalated alarmingly. It was like a light switch for them, all back to normal. But that is not the half of it. The recent tornado hail storm, which was very damaging to their town area and was one freeway stop away, did not hit them at all! Furthermore, the many houses languishing for sale on their block for the last few years ALL went under contract or sold!!!!!! We are so grateful for your help.
S.R. of CO
The farm overall feels much better. I actually walked to the top of the bank barn (large structure near the house) and it also felt better. I do know that there were several civil war battles in this area so I am not surprised that you found battlefield energy. Everything seems much better to me. Thank you!  R.R. of MD
I wanted to let you know that the house feels much better and the neighbors look “lighter”, are in better moods and smiling! Thank you. C.R. of OH

Thank you for the Spiritual Clearing for my apartment. It feels calmer and I am sleeping better. It no longer feels “creepy” and the weird sounds are gone.  K.B. of NY
Our house has a warmer, more comfortable feeling since the Spiritual Clearing you did. Visitors seem much more at ease. Family life is more harmonious with none of the intense emotional clashes that were frequent prior to the Clearing. You have my heartfelt thanks for using your unique and effective gift in Clearing our home.  DJS of SC.
Thank you very much. Yes, the Spiritual Clearing was felt. My son has been studying, something he usually does not, and he resumed practicing his trombone. He even came out to offer help shoveling the driveway. That was my biggest sign! Even my pets seem more calm and harmonious. I really appreciate your work.  M.O. of AK
I just wanted you to know that our house, that was on the market for 9 months, sold days after your Spiritual Clearing and during a snow storm. Unbelievable!  JR of OH
Thank you for doing such a great job in the Spiritual Clearing of my house and 43 acre property that was for sale. Nothing had been happening for over a year even though the price was reduced $50,000. Then, after your Clearing work, I received 6 offers on the property in 6 weeks. Prospective buyers were increasing their offers multiple times just because they knew others were interested. We held out and got practically full price for the property. Thank you!   D.J. of FL.

I just had to let you know that we sold our condo! I didn’t put out the “For Sale” sign until last Saturday and we signed the contract yesterday. We sold in 6 days within $3000 of our asking price. We’re very excited, a good qualified buyer, will wait 2 months to close so we won’t have to pay capital gains. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect buyer. Even our mortgage “guy” said we were really lucky. In my heart I know that luck had nothing to do with it. With your help and our intention it all came together!!!  D.W. of NC
Good news! My condo was rented, with a long- term lease, within 3 weeks of you doing a Spiritual Clearing. Thank you for your consistent help with managing my properties over the years.  F.M of CO

I have been meaning to write you for some time. It may seem like a dramatic statement, but to me it just seems morally wrong not to express my/our gratitude for your services and the peace it immediately brought back into our home. We had serious negative entities that were dramatically affecting us as individuals, the atmosphere of our apartment and our relationship. AFTER THE SPIRITUAL CLEARING, Whoa. Everything seemed lighter and brighter. The living room was suddenly a natural and enjoyable living space that we preferred to spend much of our time in. There was no longer that strange urge for me to get away into the other bedroom. I suppose the immediate removal and absence of something truly illuminates the dynamics that were previously existing. I was blown away and view it as a powerful testament to the reality of the unseen world. It is something that I will never be able to impart to someone else. I suppose it is one of those things you have to experience to fully appreciate and believe. I cannot thank you enough for doing this for us and once again bringing peace and lightness back into our house. THANK YOU!!   S. M. of WA
Thank you for doing the Spiritual Clearing for our Open House. A qualified buyer made an offer that day and we will be moving in one month!
K.G. of OH
Since the Spiritual Clearing, I feel like singing and have been playing joyful music. I feel better about living here now. Every day now the energy in this place feels lighter, it is as if I have gained more living space. It feels more open. Before your Spiritual Clearing session, it felt like walking through molasses, or goo, with only a narrow path available for me to walk on. Now I can breathe freely and stretch my arms out wide. Amazing work! Everything feels lighter, even the bathroom, which was very ‘stuck’. Should I ever move again, I will call you immediately to do a Spiritual Clearing before I set foot in the new place. In retrospect, it seems such a waste of energy to move into a place that is clogged with old stuff from the previous owners and tenants. I had tried to clear it myself, but could only do so much with burning sage. But it was child’s play compared to the wonderful work you did. Thank you very, very much.  D.F. of NY
So much has happened in the time since I last contacted you. There have been many good shifts and changes. We have a contract on our house that you Cleared 3 weeks ago and it will be closing next week. Thank you!  L.U. of MD

I just wanted to share with you how amazing the Spiritual Clearing was for our house. My family and I were in the process of moving from FL to IL because our parents were getting old and we wanted to be near them. Our house was on the market for 8 months and I couldn’t figure out why our house did not sell yet. At the time, homes in our neighborhood were selling within a month. After you did the Spiritual Clearing for our home and property, we got 2 offers that weekend to buy our house! We were so relieved. Also, the offers were for exactly for what we were asking for, so we did not have to come down in our price at all. Thank you so much for your knowledge and energy. I thank God and my Angels for the work you do.  M.O. of FL.
Thank you for the Spiritual Clearing. I definitely felt it. It was really wonderful. It seems as though there were 4 angels above our home later that night and the next day. Again, thank you for your work.  E.L. of CA

It has been a moth since you did the Spiritual Clearing and things have finally changed dramatically in our home. There is nothing here anymore except beings of 100% pure light. I know that because I have been channeling them and they have proven in so many times that my feelings of relief and love in my home is accurate. I no longer feel afraid to close my eyes in my own home. Because of you, my family is no longer hateful and fighting….they come out of their rooms and communicate with each other and have their sense of humor back. We are a family again, not just 4 people sharing a house. You were right, we noticed we were going into rooms in which we previously avoided. On day I left the laundry room door open and the cat went in there and fell asleep on the dryer. He had never wanted to step foot in there before. Thank you for all the above. I credit you with all of it. And I cannot tell you how extremely grateful I am for your service, your understanding, and for getting my family and my life back. S.M. of NV
I just wanted to tell you the great news on the condo unit you Cleared 2 weeks ago. I had an offer, but in the end we did not come to a mutual agreement. Four days later, the buyer came back twice. I stuck to my price and we signed the deal tonight. The condo is sold conditionally. Our closing date is the end of November. Miracles do happen. I feel blessed and grateful. Thank you, again.  K.B. of CA
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