The Spiritual Clearing process is a specific procedure for clearing away negativity by utilizing the assistance of highly evolved Spiritual Beings from the non-physical worlds. Through Divine guidance, a strong vortex of high vibrational energy is created through prayers, mantras, and decrees. Then the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters are summoned to release all levels of negative energies. Typically, there is a remarkably positive change in the person, animal, or environment within 72 hours after the Spiritual Clearing takes place. However, this spiritual process is not a panacea. Personal boundaries often need to be established and reinforced, the aura needs to be strengthened, and thoughts, habits and belief systems must be evaluated.

The complete Spiritual Clearing process takes approximately two hours. Fees are determined based on the complexity of the request. For best results, it is recommended that a person has a Spiritual Clearing performed for their home when they schedule a Personal Spiritual Clearing. Each person receives an email report regarding the results of the Spiritual Clearing session.

The frequency of the Spiritual Clearings is unique to each situation: a one-time Spiritual Clearing may be sufficient; several up-front Spiritual Clearings may be coupled with an annual one; or a three to six-month schedule of Spiritual Clearings may be scheduled. Heavily frequented property or businesses will require more routine Spiritual Clearings due to the constant exposure to various negative energies.
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Primary Objectives of Earth Release

  • To assist individuals with removing unwanted energies and to enhance clarity of mind

  • To release undesirable energy from houses, businesses, properties, and animals

  • To clear real estate to facilitate sales and reduce the time required to sell property

  • To remove negative energetic influences from businesses and multi-unit dwellings

  • To energetically cleanse public places of disharmonious energies and influences

  • To assist individuals with their spiritual evolutionious negative energies.
Butterflies and Earth Release Services
The primary goal of Spiritual Clearings is to identify the underlying reason for the energetic blockage and to remove energy obstacles to allow the property to be sold, the business to achieve the objectives of positive cash flow and completed transactions, and for people to be happier, more productive and balanced.
This Spiritual Clearing process is a gift from the Universe that cannot be communicated in the semantics of today. It is a very focused procedure with a purity of intention and spiritual support. It will assist businesses to develop and flourish through a higher potentiality of group effort. It will allow land to be purified and cleansed of historical injustices. It will allow dwellings to be freed from energetic bondage and imprints of genealogical traumatic and historical situations. It will allow people to grow spiritually and emotionally.
The Spiritual Clearing experience has shown that once energetic obstacles and energetic limitations are removed, balance and harmony are restored. Also, spiritual values surface, cash flow increases, property becomes more vibrant, and many other positive benefits occur.

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